Why Wait?

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I've always thought my dreams for my life would start when I turn 30. Dreams to travel, to give generously to those who cannot fend for themselves, to have a thriving group of friends that take risks together, to create art that matters, and to build a tribe of 1000s of people who are seeking to get closer to Good.

So why do I have to wait for 10 years?

So many times we use the excuse, "When I'm older I will..." . This is a scary place to be because, one day, once we never live out those colorful dreams, we say to ourselves, "Ahh, it was just a crazy thought".  It's crazy to realize that people spend their whole life wondering what could be. I refuse to live my life like this. I refuse to always wonder what if.

Sure, there are times where we need patience but for this series we are in, "Don't Wait", I'm going to ask you to go all in and throw those excuses in the dumpster. This week we've specifically focused on not Waiting for Others. We've asked ourselves, what is that one thing that you're waiting for others to do? The many who have answered have done it in our Facebook Group. The answer to that question is your challenge this week.

Don't fall into the trap of always thinking, "When I'm older I will".

Start taking practical steps towards that colorful life you know you want to live. 

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