Your Challenges!

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Yesterday I spent the whole day in LA, venturing into cool unknown gardens & such (Sounds more dramatic than it actually was). The picture above was taken from yours truly at an old mansion, isn't it beautiful?! I couldn't help but think about the dream of getting a writing desk like this of my own in the future.

Anyways, it's been awesome to see the responses on the Facebook page. As we're asking ourselves the question: 


Here are some of your answers:

There are certain fears associated with finding my voice and getting out there. I’m attempting to step out of my comfort zone more when I see potential opportunities to connect with others.

I’ve actually been thinking about this sort of thing recently. I feel like I am pretty decent about doing things on my own, especially since moving to a new city. But if there was one thing I’ve been putting off and making excuses for it would be taking a trip to Milwaukee. There’s no particular reason for wanting to go, just that I’ve been living in Wisconsin for 6 months, have never been, and like to explore new places.

My wife & I are finishing a book we began years ago. We’ll self-publish if we have to, but we’re doing it. We want to help other people who are connected to adoption. It’s hard because you put yourself out there with no promise of results or success. But we’re doing it.

Whatever it is for you, the next couple days will be simply motivating and inspiring you to make progress on whatever challenged you have decided upon. 


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