The Crash

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Two very close friends of mine got into a car crash this past thursday. 

Heading into an intersection due to the prompting of a green light, they inched forward as a SUV going 60 miles per hour hits the side of the car, making both Yesenia and Oscar smash into much harder objects than that of their bodies. Later we found out that Yesenia had minor injuries but Oscar fractured his diaphragm, broke his jaw, and shatters his pelvis. 

12 AM at night, over 15 of us are huddled into this crammed emergency room awaiting the verdict of Oscar's second surgery. Finally, the doctor comes out and ushers Oscar's parents into a room to tell them the surgery was a success.

It was an emotional night to the least. I wish Oscar could have seen the support. 100s of people were praying and more than 15 of his closest people dropped whatever they were doing to be there. Although devastating, the presence of community warmed the room. I don't know how much Oscar knew at the time, but I hope he could sense how dearly loved he is, truly. 



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