A Small Note

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On Friday, we went to the hospital, not knowing how Oscar was holding up after two surgeries.

About seven of us arrive at the hospital and make our way up to the waiting room. Sitting there, his girlfriend who has recovered well enough to be released from the hospital, motions for me to go with her to see Oscar. Passing by the other hospital beds, it looked like a war zone with hurting bodies everywhere. Finally, I turn the corner and there was Oscar, hooked to what seemed like a thousand machines. His neck swollen and body limp from the two surgeries and of course the horrific crash just the day before. Not being able to talk he lifts his hand, motioning me to come closer. I grab his hands and with tears in his eyes, I had to hold back my own.

In that moment I whispered, “You are so strong”. Letting go of my hand in response to my comment, he points upward, signaling that it is God who strengthens him.

I brought him a journal. Since he couldn’t talk, all he could do was barely write with only his right hand. One of the first things he writes on this paper was this,

Tell everyone that I love them, please. I will be okay.
— Oscar

He kept writing thank you. Friend after friend went to visit Oscar and in the midst of the pain, the gratitude on his face was so present.

Laying in my bed that night, I couldn’t help but realize the impact relationships had on Oscar. There is nothing more powerful in this life than relationships. A relationship with God, and relationships with people.

Is God and people over everything else?

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