The Best Predictor of Joy

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I've seen so many of my friends give up too soon.

As a young person, it's hard to decipher between destructive and constructive. Often time, a constructive lesson is wrapped in what seems like a destructive experience. When the learning curve is too curved or the relationships are too intrusive, we run. At first it can seem like running through hell but it's these exact experiences that can help us get to the other side.

Grit is the best determiner of joy. True life awaits those who instead of running away from an issue actually run towards it knowing that a breakthrough is right around the corner.

Grit is the stamina quality, not just being passionate but sustaining that passion for a long time. Then the perseverance part as well, right. Setbacks don’t disappoint me, I finish whatever I begin, I’m determined.
— Angela Lee Duckworth

Wouldn't you hate to hear that you were on the precipice of a breakthrough but you gave up too soon? Plant yourself. Know that only once you plant yourself do you have the opportunity to grow.

Do you have Grit?

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