How to Bounce Back

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Can I tell you something that I'm struggling with right now?

Although dramatic, this picture encapsulates how I've been feeling. About three months I took on another role at the Church that have the opportunity to serve within. Having a full time position as the Student Groups Pastor, I took on another role as the Middle school Pastor as well. Having two full time roles, the level of excellence has dipped in both of the ministries that I over see. My boss has been wonderful about letting me know that this is okay as it's a part of the learning process, but it's hard to go through none the less. When you're not succeeding at an area that you usually do, feelings of incompetence and frustration can almost ruin you. Instead of letting this happen, it's vital to dissect the situation so we can bounce back even stronger than before.

Here are the two reasons I've struggled:

  1. I wasn't experienced enough to handle both- I'm 22. I've never taken on this much leadership.

  2. I was barely keeping my head above water every week- Every week I felt like there was a new problem that I didn't originally think through or a mistake that I needed to mend. This led to me acting reactively instead of proactively. I've been playing from behind!

So I realized this, now what am I going to do about it?

  1. Ask for advice from my boss and trusted mentor- I'm only 22, to expect that I know how to succeed in both ministries would be overambitious of me.
  2. Get Ahead- I have enough experience now to understand how to get ahead. The level of excellence has diminished for the two reasons above. So, instead of staying in this place, I need to work smartly to be consistently four weeks out.

I'll keep you updated on the outcome of this "Bounce Back Story".

How do you Bounce Back?

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