The Secret that Transformed my Sabbath

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For a year after college I thought my sabbath meant: "To do nothing". My days off looked liked laying in my bed, maybe occasionally getting out of my bedroom to eat a cinnamon role and then crawling back to my bedroom for more mindless Netflix watching. Isn't this what the sabbath looks like, no discipline, no schedule? Fulfilling the same routine on my sabbath lead to laziness and a weird sense of exhaustion when my week actually started.

Everything changed when I realized...

The opposite of work is not nothing, it's play. 

Play could mean running, swimming, biking, reading, coffee drinking, connecting with friends. Play is anything that can energize you that is not work related. Even with play, discipline is required. I have to force myself to wake up in the morning, even if every cell in my body wants to stay in bed. My Sabbath now includes reading a good book, running, and drinking coffee with wonderful friends. With this new mindset switch, I've been able to truly feel restored and rested by the time my week begins.

Is your Sabbath restorative?

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