Start & End

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It's important to have a start date and an end date in mind. When we put a timetable on things that matter the most to us, it can inspire us to reach new levels that we've never reached before. An end date gives you closure on the past and a start date gives you hope for the future.

This is why I structure my life in four main seasons. All of my goals and habits start the first day of every quarter, I also attach an end date before the next season starts so an end can be in the foreseeable future

  1. Monday, January 1st- Sunday, March 18th- 77 Days (13 off days)

  2. Monday, April 1st- Monday, June 18th- 77 Days (12 off days)

  3. Sunday, July 1st- Saturday, September 15th- 77 Days (15 off days)

  4. Monday, October 1st- Sunday, December 16th- 77 Days (15 off days)

However you structure your life, make sure to have a timetable for your goals. Shoot, steal mine!

Start & End



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