Top 5 most Impactful Discoveries Pt. 5

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Every quarter, I take a week to reflect. There are four quarters in a year made up of three months each. We are ending the second quarter and I thought I would share my top 5 most impactful discoveries over the months of April, May and July.

  1. I am Not Enough

  2. Love as we Go

  3. Forget what's next

  4. Take the Risk

  5. Experiential Deja Vu Saves

I helped lead a camp of 400 students and 75+ leaders. To be honest, it didn't even seem like work as we all ate together, learned together, and talked together. During the speaking moments, I took time to reflect on what I was specifically learning. As many of you who have been reading my blogs, my biggest fear is that I'm not Enough.

Well, my biggest fear was realized during those four days on that mountain. 

  • My Dad was going through some very serious health issues, I couldn't heal him
  • I spoke to every student about the important of reflection, I couldn't make them understand
  • I help lead my community of people towards a deeper reliance on each other, I can't control the progress

I am not enough. After looking back at these three examples that I've struggled with, I can confidently say there is only one who can effect every circumstance, God. God is enough. For some reason, God has decided to use me and anyone who submits their life to the expansion of love in our world. It is only through God that we are enough. If we embrace our own divine remarkability, hone it, and stay consistent with it, God's kingdom will be most effectively built and we will feel enough.

I am Not Enough


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