"Rubik's cubes are awesome!"

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Sitting in Starbucks two days ago, getting work done, I hear through my earphones, "Rubik's cubes are awesome!". I awkwardly started thinking to myself, "Is this guy talking to me?". I take out my earphones and say, "Yeah, they're really cool". I didn't know that this small exchange of words would turn into a 30 minute passionate conversation on travel, technology, and not waiting for others to live out your dreams.

As this week we've specifically focused on not Waiting for Others. Magnum reminded me to live out my own dreams through his colorful stories.

To this day I can’t deceive the emotions I had: Local famers drinking beer and playing dominoes and seeing Artists paint as we hiked through Europe.
The thing is, everybody wants to run with the bulls in Spain. Everybody wants to go to New Years ball drop, but fears get in the way and some people just don’t make it.
— Magnum Steele

A conversation that turned into an interview about not Waiting for Others was a surprise, but a good one at that. Thanks Magnum for making my day.

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