I completed my Challenge!

All of these changes that we've made to the blog have been because of days like today. This week we've specifically focused on not Waiting for OthersWe've asked ourselves, what is that one thing that you're waiting for others to do? The many who have answered have done it in our Facebook Group

This was my challenge for the week:

Talk to 3 random strangers

I've had this belief that there are more sharks than fish in the world. I've always believed people are naturally angry, frustrated, and cold. I wanted to test that myth for a while, but I never got the boldness to do it myself. So, this week, I did! 

Do you know what I've found?

There are more fish than shark! Most people want to create a human connection. Most people are open to the idea of dialogue and the creation of a new friendship. So why doesn't it happen more often? Because everyone thinks everyone else is naturally angry, frustrated, and cold!

I'm excited to hear about what all of you learned through your weekly challenge that was based off of the question: What is that one thing that you're waiting for others to do?

I hope you feel inspired to take the next step in completing your challenge. Whatever your answer is, please post it in the Facebook Group! Whether it be a picture, video, or an explanation. What if we could create a Facebook Group where we create practical good in our communities by uniting and inspiring each other through weekly challenges? I believe it's possible.

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