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We are in the last week of our blog series, "Don't Wait". This whole series is about not waiting to start making steps to be the person God meant for you to be. This week the bottom line is this: "Don't Wait if it's breaking your heart".

My question for the week was this:


Here's what you said:

Busyness; that nowadays we let our schdules rule our lives and rob us from authentic time with
1. Jesus &
2. Loved ones.
In the busyness of our lives we lose grasp of what is of value. It breaks my heart when I see the people I care about the most be so busy that they are so unhappy but unwilling to let go of what they want others to see and perceive.

So my challenge has been since I’ve quit my job and STOPPED being so busy, to invest my time in people.
Those I love, those I don’t know very well, and especially those who have yet to know Jesus.
— Miriam
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I think one of the biggest things that breaks my heart are stories of vulnerable children, especially in the developing world. I think of the friends I made when I was serving with a children’s home in Uganda a few years ago and I just have a lot of love for them. There are so many harsh realities for children around the world that I’ll never fully understand. It’s difficult being a world away, not understanding, and not knowing where money might actually go were I to donate to a cause. So I suppose an action step I’m going to take this week will be to do some research, find an organization ran by locals who understand the needs of their community, and see what ways I might be able to make a difference where I am.
— Lindsay
What’s been breaking my heart is my Facebook friends sharing content that is counter to their core beliefs, yet oblivious to the damage caused.

People who identify as followers of Christ, who sacrificed all of his rights (and life).
— Mike
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