The Homeless Population

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We are in the last week of our blog series, "Don't Wait". This whole series is about not waiting to start making steps to be the person God meant for you to be. This week the bottom line is this: "Don't Wait if it's breaking your heart".

My question for the week was this:

What breaks your heart?

For me, if I had to minimize my answer to one, at least for the season that I am in, I would say it is the fear behind meeting a person who is homeless. In San Diego we have the 4th largest homeless population in all of America. I mean, if you were homeless, why wouldn't you make your way down to a place where it's almost always sunny and 72 degrees?

There are 9,160 people who are homeless in San Diego county alone.

I want to desensitize myself from the stereotype that all people who are homeless are dangerous and should be ignored. I grew up in a culture that spoke of people who are homeless as homeless people, as if their identity was intrinsically connected to their being in the world.

So I identified what breaks my heart, now the challenge for the week is this: Make one small, practical step to make a difference within that area.

So, I will have a conversation with someone who is homeless. It might sound simple but this is my small step towards actually doing something.

What's yours?

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