My sister and I have a wonderful relationship. It's taken time, but it's one of my favorite friendships on this planet. We ask each other stupid questions to past the time when we're together, but one day I asked a particular question that changed how I viewed myself. As we were walking along the beach I asked her:

"If you could pick the best characteristics out everyone you know, what characteristics would you choose and from whom?"

She paused, and then answered: "Well, I would pick Connor's ability to connect with people, Micayla's positivity, and probably your drive. You're always so motivated and passionate about everything you do, not many people have that".

To be honest, I never noticed this about myself.  I think we have an issue as humans, the only person that we can't see in a room is ourselves so we fail to see our strengths and where we need people. It must take someone else to reveal our true giftings and talents.

I believe we are all born with a one or two exceptional strengths and often times it takes those closest to us to help us realize what may be. Since that conversation, I've started living into my achiever strength by blogging daily and showing generous love to those around me. I'm not great at it yet, but my drive will his helping me love better everyday.

In retrospect, the question I asked Brynn was stupid and brilliant at the same time. It's stupid because there's no way you can build a perfect human. It's also brilliant because it helps us recognize the true exceptional strength in our friends.

Have you recently asked the question: "What makes each of my closest friends exceptional"?

Whatever it is, tell them. We call that speaking life into someone.