The One

Yesterday's blog post got me thinking, what's your exceptional gift? Dang, I just realized that I posed today's question in the first sentence, well, I guess you can stop reading now!

I believe we all have an enemy: confusion. If we are always thinking we have 293 gifts then we'll be so overwhelmed that we won't act on any of them! But if you can mold one, just one gift, that sums up all of the strengths, what would your leaf on the tree of humanity be?  It might take months of digging, asking friends, and reflecting, but I promise you it's there. If we can get to this point of clarity, everything can change.

My exceptional gift is being a visionary achiever. I dream up ideas (Such as this blog) and I have the strengths to make these dreams reality (Hence this post). This realization has radically changed my perspective on what I can offer the world. 

So, what's your exceptional gift?

P.S. My favorite tool on starting this process is StrengthsFinders (With the access code).

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