Tremendous Help

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I have no idea what to do and I can't come up with a solution. So what do I do?

Well, first some background:

I'm the youngest person in my position by over 8 years. This comes with it's drawbacks but recently I have been appreciating the benefits. I once had a conversation with Bob Goff (I don't usually have conversations with famous people) and he gave me wonderful advice:

So you’re 21? Start having discussions with your 31 year-old self. Try everyday to be THAT leader and love people well along the way.
— Bob Goff

Instead of attempting to find answers by myself, I have the opportunity to ask for advice with those who are actually 31! They've been there and can understand the emotions of the early 20s. So over the past 24 hours I've asked three 30 year-old colleagues of mine for advice and it's helped tremendously.

There is this secret well of wisdom that is age in which we rarely tap into. Some people want to give technical terms like mentors but I'd like to think everyone can be my mentor.

Let us be people today who are humble enough to ask for advice from those who are older and wiser.

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