I Need to Vent

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It's sad when people try to find everything they need in a community within one person.

I need you to be someone who can have Intellectual conversations, empathetic awareness, belly laughter jokes, and a highly driven outlook on life. Oh! And I almost forgot! You need to also be a spontaneous adventurer, a great communicator, always consistent, highly creative, beautifully positive, and never irresponsible, can you do that for me? 
— Culture

When we pursue the process of making someone everything we want them to be, we are missing out on everything they were meant to be. 

I see couples isolate themselves only to each other, never spending time with other people. I'm here to say that's not okay. We need other people! Maybe for a season of life isolation is best but it should never be a long-term solution. We will always be disappointed if we expect our significant other to be our whole community. It's too much pressure for one person to handle!

It's okay that your boyfriend or your girlfriend is not EVERYTHING you need, they weren't meant to be. We were biologically meant to be in tribes of at least 15 people, not tribes of two. 

The gift of a companion is beautiful so let it stay beautiful by not putting unrealistic expectations on the ones we love the most.

Reach out, community is waiting.

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