Tension is Not Bad

Do you have tension with somebody right now? Is it because of something they did, said, or wrote? 

The best solution is to go RIGHT to your best friend and tell them how you feel. HA, just kidding.

The best solution is go RIGHT to the person and work through it.

Of course, there are exceptions, but so much drama would be stopped if we could be so bold as to have a conversation about it. Many of us look at tension as a negative feeling that only bring division and separation. If this is our mindset, we either shove it under the rug until we blow up or we tell everyone about the tension except for the one person that can actually solve it.

Let me challenge you to look at tension differently: If we could look at tension as an opportunity to have more depth in our relationships, many relationships would still be intact instead of destroyed. Tension is not a bad thing. Embrace the relationship tension and seek to understand the other person's side by having a conversation.

Tension is Not Bad

Jake VaydaComment