30,000 Foot View

There's a bigger picture.  Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing a conversation that truly fascinated me. Sitting in Denny's, I had the opportunity to listen to a 23 year-old and a 51 year-old argue politely over sexuality before marriage.

  • The 23 year-old staunchly believed in withholding all physical contact before marriage while...
  • The 51 year-old believed there can be physical contact as long as sex is out of the picture.
  • The 23 year-old is a wide-eyed dreamer while...
  • The 51 year-old is a wisdom-filled counselor

Who's right?

Instead of jumping into the conversation I decided to sit back and listen. I realized half way through that they would never agree because their viewpoints and ideologies clashed in many ways. 28 years of life experience over another is evidence in and of itself!  This is not to say that we should never engage is tension, but it is important to take a step back and realize there is a bigger picture than just two men arguing. Every conversation is always rooted in the people that we've become. 

We often do not recognize the bigger picture of our own background, context, values, and ideology as we simply give into the words that are being said at face value. To seek to understand why someone is saying something is beginning the process of coming to a mutual conclusion. We fail at being aware of where someone comes from in the midst of tension, no wonder conversations turn into debates! We need to take a 30,000 view of the people in our lives and seek to understand why they are the way they are BEFORE we engage is disagreements.

There is a reason we say the words we do

Jake VaydaComment