My 3 Favorite Memories

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As the Summer season is ending (July-September), I am taking this week to reflect on my favorite memories, impactful discoveries. I am also goal reflecting, and goal projecting for the fall season (October-December).

Today I journaled about my favorite memories of the past three months. Thought I would share them with you!

  1. LA with Kaelia (July 14th-16th)- Leaving after Church, we went to go see part of K’s family. Over the span of two days we found ourselves back at the Ocean. The last day of our trip, we stopped in Encinitas. Walking on the beach as the clouds rolled over the sun, we built the tallest rock structure (shown above). If you can’t tell, we were very proud of ourselves. Then, we spontaneously decided to jump into the Ocean. Without our swimsuits, we jumped into the warm pacific ocean fully dressed. Laughing and swimming, we stayed in for a while not caring that sand would find its way EVERYwhere. Ha! I will definitely cherish this moment going forward.

  2. Maine (August 5th-August 15th)- Traveling over 4,000 miles to the opposite side of the country, I was reunited with my extended and immediate family for over a week. Mountain biking, cliff jumping, lifting weights, all nighters, dance parties, and Boston trip encapsulated my time in Maine. Within the fun, I felt discontent. Realizing I hadn’t really read my bible or prayed within the first seven days of my trip, I sat down and reflected on the eighth day. I didn’t realize how much bible reading and praying sustained me until I did not have it for a week.

  3. Lake Arrowhead (September 21st- September 23rd)- I’ve never laughed as much as I did during a 48 hour period! With my staff team, we stayed in a cabin for two days to plan out 2019. In the midst of our planning sessions, we played Monopoly Go, went boat riding, and swam in the lake. I realized that people and nature combined makes me a very happy man.

What is one of your favorite memories of the past three months?

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