My Childhood Forest

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We had over 10 acres of forest in our back yard growing up. As kids, we knew the woods like the back of our small hands. The crunch of the pine needles beneath our feet as we pretend to fight enemies, swinging intimidating stick around like swords. We always found our way back to the creek that ran through the middle of the woods, giving life to the large trees beside it.

Reading through the Bible in a year, I can’t help but see the metaphor of a tree utilized so many different times. This is what I read today:

It had been planted
in good, well-watered soil,
And it put out branches and bore fruit,
and became a noble vine.
— Ezekiel 17:8

I hope that I, just like the trees by my house, can be planted beside a creek, giving life to my veins. It takes healthy people around us to grow. Let’s plant ourselves by friends and family that will give us the nutrients we need to thrive in this life.

Plant yourself next to people who give you life

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