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DON'T GO NIGHT HIKING. Every time I talk to people about night hiking, I almost always get the same response: "You have to be super careful because...". Everyone's because is different, let me name a few that I've heard: "because rattlesnakes", "because lions", "because darkness", I even heard someone say "because Mexicans are escaping Mexico and you don't know where they camp out". Really?

Yesterday, I texted a friend to see if he'd want to go on a spontaneous night hike with me. He quickly answered back with a yes because, why not? Fast forward a couple hours and we are in a car passing border control as we continue on a road until we finally end up at the location we decided we wanted to hike. By the time we parked our car and started hiking, it was 9 PM.

After hiking random trails for an hour, we found a mountain and started running up it fast as we could (Can you "find" a mountain?). We killed it, until we didn't. Halfway up we had to walk the rest of the way, forgoing our own masculinity and giving into exhaustion. Finally, reaching the top I toppled down on the prickly grass that scratches me as my body hits the cold ground. Looking up, all I see are stars. It was worth every step. AND I didn't even get eaten by a lion!

How many times do we let fear control our actions? How many times do we limit ourselves by the lies that we tell ourselves. Yes, there are lions, yes, there are rattlesnakes, but so what?

  • Yes, there are cheaters, so will you never get into relationship?
  • Yes, you can get into a car crash, so will you never step into a car again?
  • Yes, there's a good chance you'll fail at some point, so will you never attempt anything?

Sometimes the fears holding us back are the same opportunities holding us back from growth. So go, be bold. 

  • Talk to that stranger, I promise you she won't kill you
  • Start that blog, I promise you the world won't hate you
  • Say that compliment, I promise you the person won't ignore you

Actually, I can't promise anything. But that's the beauty of life well lived, it's all a risk.

Take the Risk.

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