Cloud Thinking

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Last night was card night. 12 of us made our way over to one of our friends houses and drank wine while getting way too competitive over Uno. Laughing way too loudly mixed with some spontaneous salsa dancing made for a wonderful night. There was a time, in the midst of the night where I thought to myself, "I love my life".

It's easy to get in our own heads; well, it's easy for me at least. I tend to think about the future too much. Limitless opportunities is what my brain tells me as I cook up 10842 ideas in what seems like a matter of minutes.

What I've noticed recently is my brain is wrong. As I'm cooking up my 10842 ideas, I am limiting my present. When I'm in the clouds, I can't develop relationships on the ground. It's always easier to think about 'What could be' instead of 'what is'

Last night I focused on what is. For me, 'what is' looks like..

  • A great job
  • A colorful city
  • A wonderful family
  • A beautiful girlfriend
  • A Fantastic community

...I'd say I'm living a good life.

'What could be' will always be an arms reach away but 'what is' is already in your hand.

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