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We are in the last week of our blog series, "Don't Wait". This whole series is about not waiting to start making steps to be the person God meant for you to be. This week the bottom line is this: "Don't Wait if it's breaking your heart".

My question for the week was this:


Here's what you said:

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This is definitely an area that I often allow myself to become desensitized to so as to protect myself emotionally. Allowing ones heart to be broken is “serious business”! What breaks my heart most recently is that as believers in Christ, we can so easily get caught up in doing “all the right things” that we fail to do the very things God called us to do: “Love the Lord your God”, and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. When you realize how deeply people suffer inside and that the greatest message they could ever hear is how much God loves them, and to share that message both in words and in deeds... It’s humbling, but also heartbreaking. So in a nutshell...
— Amy
What breaks my ❤️ is busyness.
So this is how I completed this challenge for myself of investing in people more this week.

I intentionally reached out to friends I havent seen in a while and I clear my schedule, opened up my home and just gave them undivided attention.

I call friends weekly, family and I personally message people I see that struggle on social media, people I hardly know that are just acquaintances.
— Miriam
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It hurts me so much to watch people living unhealthy lifestyles. For me, that looked like years of poor eating habits mixed with lack of exercise. When I decided to “turn things around” and join CrossFit, my eating habits just went from over eating unhealthy food to under eating healthy food. Long story short, I developed an eating disorder. All this to say, it breaks my heart knowing that these people likely feel stuck. They feel like they can’t change their lives. They are usually uneducated as to what healthy living really looks like.

What am I going to do about it? Well, I think I’m doing it. I’m advocating for health and wellness. I’m openly sharing my journey day in and day out. Today I received a message from someone that I helped a little on her journey telling me that she’s lost 40 pounds, is no longer diabetic, and has had her blood pressure medication cut in half. This? This makes my heart rejoice. One person at a time, I will help people to become educated and to find the healthy lifestyle that God has called us to.
— Olivia
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