Chained Love

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Love is absolutely free; yet, it is the most valuable commodity. So why don’t we give it?

  • Insecurity- No one will accept the broken love I offer.

  • Fear- What if they don’t accept the love I offer?

  • Commoditization- If I don’t get something out of it, I don’t care to offer my love.

These human conditions trap us to think that Love should not be given generously. Well, I’m hear to say that insecurity, fear, and commoditization don’t have to chain your love. You can give love away freely. Give that complement, give that hug, give that smile and give that gift. Often times the one person that is stopping you from loving generously is yourself. Please, get out of your own way, there are people you need to be loved! …and often times, you’ll find the love comes right back to you.

What is holding you back from loving freely?

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