Vacation: Day 8

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This is the shed.

I know it doesn't look like much, but this place has definitely made my life better. This shed has brought me the margin that I've needed in my life. Whether it be drinking coffee in the morning while having wonderful conversations, or reading with the lamp at night as the sound of the rain gently beats against the tin roof, I have definitely found true rest over the past eight days.

As I was standing on the porch thinking about how I've changed over the past two years since the last time I was in Maine, I couldn't help but wonder in what ways I will change when I revisit Maine? Chiefly, will I be proud of the person that I've become? I hope, the next time I stand on that porch, I can say to that questionThis question has inspired me to jump back into my normal life knowing that the decisions I choose on a daily basis will answer this question.

In two years, what will you need to do in order to be proud of yourself?

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