Something To Say

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Good people listen to other people, so I used to pretend to listen.

This was the case until I realized everyone has something to say. Sometimes we don't even know what we have to say, but we know something has to be said.

We are social creatures. In other words, we are creatures who can't help but be social. Or in other words, we all want to talk, be with each other, and share experiences, it's in our DNA.

To not listen when someone has something to say goes against our humanity. I work with a plethora of different age groups from parents to middle schoolers and one thing remains the same: Every person believes they have something important to share with me. I think that's true with everyone, not just me. Now, I try to actively listen instead of passively hear. 

Listening is waiting with hopeful anticipation for the next words to be spoken. It's an art.

This is my 'something to say'. Thanks for listening to me.

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