HeadWork Vs. HeartWork

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It is interesting to see myself grow up.

In this process of being a year and half out of college, I have tried to be aware of the habits that my body and my mind want to begin.

  • After work I’d rather go home than to go out.

  • On weekends, to spend time with a few close friends rather than meet new ones is preferred.

  • A predictable schedule is desired over a spontaneous one.

One of these bad habits that I have found myself consistently fighting against is the desire to turn everything into head-work instead of heart-work; specifically with conversations. To consistently believe that every conversation is not a means to an end but a means to a possible transformation is how I’ve fought against this phenomenon. I hope I never turn into the person who has monotonous conversations for the sake of being cordial. I want to dive 100% into every conversation, asking the pointed questions to dive the discussion deeper into transformation.

Are you operating more from the head or the heart?

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