We pass house after house as we travel from here to there and I can't help but think about the humans existing in each house;

What do they do?

How do they think?

Do they enjoy their lives?

I'm not sure, but when I consider this, I always seem to resort to a metaphor of a turtle.

In some ways we are all vulnerable creatures hiding in our shell. Yet, sometimes that shell turns into a prison, and we become trapped in our own mediocre safe reality. Our schedules become kings as our emotional health dwindles and the zeal of life slowly decays.

I wonder if true life happens just beyond our comfort zones, just beyond our shells?

The purpose of Peel is to strip away all of the anger, bias, and judgement to reveal what really matters; people. Peel is a story driven blog that uncovers hard-learned lessons, triumphs, and failures from the human experience all for the sake of spreading ideas that have the potential to help someone live a life where good is being done to ourselves, others, and the world.  

If you choose to subscribe, you will hear stories of real humans who struggle with Anxiety, Cancer, Body Image, Loneliness and more. These are vulnerable narratives that deserves a voice, narratives that deserve to be heard. Through the wreckage, we will begin to adapt hope through our Beliefs, Values, Goals, Habits, and Action Plans. Join me on this journey to a better life.

Special note to my family and friends:

This is my first attempt.

I have decided that I don't want to live a stagnant life.

I want this blog to be in pursuit of life outside of our shells.