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Wow, yesterday I was so impressed with the responses I got on how to make this blog better. I wanted to share a couple of them with everyone. If you have any ideas please do not hesitate to comment by clicking here. Also, be a member of the Facebook Group to be apart of this community. By the way, the above picture is an accurate portrayal of my Subscribers. Actually I just thought it would be fun to make fun of you. Are we not on that level yet? HA, okay on to you:

I like to be challenged to grow and step out of my comfort zone. So blogs/social media posts with a clearly defined action step or collective challenge for a community to engage with move me to respond and actively engage as opposed to just passive engagement (“liking”). You’re doing cool things, friend!
— Lindsay

One thing that might be cool is if you more regularly share quotes, references, expert opinions, research, resources, etc on the mentioned topic. A tangible action step may help readers actually take these big ideas into the life in a real way. You are a big, smart, deep thinker; help us to run with you! :)
— Karla

Clear action steps people can try doing during their week, and a space to talk about how it went/what to improve on.
— Zack

What healthy relationships look like to us.
Sharing Learning Moments (vice Sharing My Mistakes)....
— Joe

I’d like to utilize the qualities we are learning in the Vayda family. Use the NotFar blog to discuss and interact on topics.
— Heidi (My Wise Mother)

Post a different challenge of generosity every week :-)
— Kaelia

This whole next stage of this blog will be about moving people to action and creating practical good in our communities. I will be sharing some of these changes tomorrow so make sure to come back. All of these new changes will begin this next Monday.

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