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This week we're focusing on the idea of not waiting until you feel it. A huge part of my growth as a community leader and friend has been because I have taken the time to develop healthy habits. The question this week was: What is that habit that you have been waiting to 'feel' in order to make a reality?

Here's what you said! 


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My challenge is to start meal prepping. I know is good for my wallet and health. I always tell myself I do not have time for it. But I want to start now!
— Oscar

The habit I want to better form and work on this week is waking up early. I love mornings, but lately I haven’t been as productive or intentional as I could be. I want to be able to use more of that time in prayer, reading the Word, and journaling. So my challenge is to wake up no later than 5:30 AM during the week.
— Lindsay
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I have never been very strong in prayer and reflection. Starting this Sunday, I’m going to start a 40-day devotional on prayer written by the early church fathers. I’m really looking forward to how it shapes me in the coming weeks!
— Tristan

This week I’m going to cut out all sugar (sweets, junk food), and do something everyday that my body will thank me for. And that can be from working out with weights, running, or just going for a walk on the beach. I’m excited to do this.
— Kaelia
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I’ve never been the greatest at practicing my instruments. As a musician I know it is crucial to growth. So this week I am going to go for at least 30 min a day for each one (guitar, and piano). So in total that’s 1 hour of my time each day. Seems pretty doable 🙂 I have recently joined an online course for guitar, so I’m excited to dive into that!
— Katie

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