With a Cream

Do you know those mornings where you just wake up in the Christmas Spirit? Well, for me, today is one of those days. Since I was born and raised in Maine, I've always taken snow and the cold for granted, especially leading up to the most famous holiday.

This morning as I walked into the office with just a T-shirt on as the 68 degree sun shines on my face, I realized that San Diego is a little different. So what did I do? I got some coffee, I even put one cream in my coffee, something I never do, but today I felt crazy. I sat down, put on some Christmas music on, and looked up "Snow Falling" on youtube and clicked on the first video that caught my eye. For 20 minutes I sat there, drank my coffee (with a cream) and watched the snow fall....on youtube. I felt peaceful and warm, even just for 20 minutes in the midst of this crazy season. 

Today's question is not a very serious one, but an important one none the less:

What's your 'with a cream' moment; where you do something just a little different than any other time of the year?

Have a great day friends.

Jake VaydaComment