Why do we Learn?

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I hear about new ideas all of the time. These ideas are always big, grand, and practical. They push us to think in ways we've never thought before. This is especially true because I am currently residing at a private university learning about leadership for the week. Right now, I am overlooking the ocean as I reflect on my experience so far.

As I was praying minutes before writing this blog post, I felt overwhelmed and a little frustrated.

There are so many wonderful thoughts out there, but I don't want to learn for the soul purpose of simply learning. If it ends there, what's the point? I don't want to leave this university on Friday feeling like I sat in a room from 8 AM-5 PM for four straight days without being transformed myself.

I came to the conclusion that we learn for the sake of transformation. We learn for the hope that this information may help our days look a littler bit brighter for us and those around us. In the midst of all this learning, let us find ways to intentionally implement the content. We shouldn't learn to simply fill our heads with knowledge. Let's learn so that we might be able to make this world a fundamentally better place.

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