When You're not Noticed

Quick social tip: People want to be noticed. So notice them. 

Back in college, there was about 30 of us in one large friend group. We all sat at the same long table in the cafe for every meal. No matter what time of the day you came to eat, we almost always found friends at the table; however, half way through the semester I noticed that in the craziness of our schedules, we would eat and leave without acknowledging the others who were at the table.

Have you ever felt not noticed? Yeah, me too, it doesn't feel so good.

With this problem existing, I decided to start greeting every single person at the table every single time I came in the cafe. I wanted those around me to know that I see them and that I am excited to be around them. This started having a dramatic impact in myself as I noticed I had more positivity and even more influence within our friend group from simply acknowledging every person.

Notice people. Get excited to see your friends. Your tribe will feel much more loved by you.

Let's Notice People


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