What to do with Privilege?

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Driving through the desolate lands of New Mexico, I was honestly glad to leave the Indian Reservation that I resided in for a week. My heart broke for the the impoverished people, so beautiful, yet so trapped because of the establishment. Riding through the deserts, I was overcome with a deep sense of privilege. I was going back to a thriving community where I had the chance to take my finals and officially graduate with my bachelors degree. I remember feeling so deeply motivated because of the gratitude I felt.

I will stop writing about privilege when it becomes obsolete. I believe it is integral to remind ourselves everyday of our blessings because it will naturally inspire us to not take anything for granted. Privilege can be our greatest tool or our most suffocating jail cell. Let’s let our privilege inspire us to do good in the world by the reminder of our own blessings.

What are you taking for granted?

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