What can you Control?

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What can you control? 

Can you control the weather? Can you control your attitude? Can you control the way someone else feels about you? Can you control how much time you prepare for that project?

What can you control?

I first off, want to say that I think it's extremely impressive that my first six sentences were all questions. Anyways, more importantly, I believe that a lot of us focus on things that we cannot control. I believe we focus so much on concerns that exist outside of our own abilities that the things that we can control suffer. 

  • It's Cloudy: You're sad
  • Someone doesn't like you: You spread a rumor
  • Your boss won't give you a raise: You stop being productive

Things we can't control can so easily control our lives, how ironic. 

What if we focused only on the things we could control?

  • Who cares what they think, I'm going to keep pursuing my dreams
  •  You cares if it's cloudy, I choose to be joyful
  • Who cares my boss won't give me a raise, I will give work all I got

Which set of outcomes do you like better? If we want the latter rather than the former, we have to forget the things we can't control and run after the things we can.

Focus on what you can control


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