Vacation: Day 6

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I love weddings.

I've always loved weddings.

  • It could be the gathering of people who celebrate a bond that is strong enough to forever intertwine two lives.
  • It could be that the best of human relationships is put on display for all to see.
  • It could be the dance floor (most likely the reason).

Either way, my cousin Emma got married to wonderful man named Blaine. We knew they would get married, sometimes you can just tell a relationship will last, you know? Playing with Emma as kids, growing up with her and seeing her become the woman she is today has definitely put things into perspective.

Our relationships are the most important thing in our lives. The question is, are we living like it? Our daily life should match the relationships we want to build. I don't want to spend my life doing relationships if I'm not building relationships.

is your daily life congruent to building healthy relationships?

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