Vacation: Day 5

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After our all nighter (Only lasted until 3 AM), I had had a lazy morning. The first time in years, I woke up at 10 AM, ate pizza, snacked on candy, and played video games as the sun slowly crept into the cabin. After everyone woke up, I was forced to  continue the trend of eating anything and everything unhealthy as seven of us went to the local Chinese buffet and ate too much sushi and crab rangoons. 

Feeling risky, Zack, Nik, and I travelled an hour and a half through the back woods of Maine to cliff jump in one of the thousands of rivers. I was afraid I would sink to the bottom with the 40381 pounds of fat I felt I just put on over the course of the past 24 hours.  It was a 20 foot drop, nothing crazy, but just enough to get a rush out of it. It was only my third time cliff jumping actually.

The first time I went cliff jumping, it took me about 20 minutes to make the leap, this time, it only took me 10 seconds. I realized that the more experience you have, the more confident you can get. That boldness can bring a new kind of freedom, a freedom in where fear is diminished and adventure is highlighted.

Sadly, even though we know an activity won't kill us, we are fearful to participate because of the slight chance it goes wrong.

What activity do you need walk into more confidently?

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