Vacation: Day 3

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Waking up at 7 AM, we walked down to the nearest coffee shop. One thing to know about my family is that we spend a lot of time drinking coffee and having discussions. We talked a lot about the future and what it could entail; this, of course, is my favorite thing to talk about. The future just seems so limitless, anything could happen, you know?

Around 10:30 Zack (My oldest brother), Nik (My youngest brother), and I rented bikes and headed out towards the mountains. I haven't mountain biked for years so I was excited, after a little self-motivation to do it, we were on our way! Biking around 20 miles, we saw beautiful lakes, gigantic mountains, and interesting creatures. 

The wind felt good rushing across my face while my hamstrings burned as I peddled through the trails. As I was feeling these sensations, it made me realize that I am almost always more positive when I'm in nature. Whether I'm swimming, hiking, or biking, my disposition is much more optimistic.

The moment we try something different is often the same moment we realize something about ourselves. This realization would not have happened if I didn't try something different. I had to push myself a little bit but the reward of that realization was absolutely worth it. It might not be mountain biking for you, but what could you switch up today? 

How can you push yourself to try something different today? 

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