Vacation: Day 2

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We've travelled up north to a place called Bar Harbor for a couple of days. Acadia National Park resides in the same area so we've helped ourselves to a fair share of climbing rocks, biking, and swimming. 

On the top of this mountain above, we were able to see a 360 degree view, it was spectacular. Nearing the two hour mark of hiking, I started to feel quite exhausted as I swiped the sweat off of my forehead as sun beat down; every step started to become more and more difficult. In the midst of the pain, I started to feel a rush of adrenaline as I went faster instead of slower, facing it head on.

I've gotten the same feeling before but it took until today to now to identify it. The feeling is a "pushed to the limit feeling". Where you want to give up, but you simply refuse to, yeah, that's the feeling. It made me think, how often should we have this experience? To answer my own question, I would say at least once a week. We should be pushing ourselves to become the people we were made to be, it shouldn't be a one time thing, but a lifestyle.

When was the last time you pushed yourself to your limit, and continued?  

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