Vacation: Day 1

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I have over 30+ cousins on my Mother's side of the family as she is the oldest of 13 human beings. Yes, that is a lot of dang kids. I was born and raised in the midst of this gigantic family and I look forward to coming back every time I get the opportunity. I specifically look forward to spending time with the family that I was practically raised with, the Warren's. My family of 5 kids, and their family of 6 kids, spent just about everyday together. 

So, of course, after spending two hours in a random but grueling workout with my two brothers and cousin, we took showers and headed over to the Warrens household just 5 hours after I got off the bus. Eating chicken and pork (A great post-workout meal) as we caught up with each other, I felt an overwhelming since of nostalgia. It was so good, so healthy to hear about their lives.

Family matters. It just took the first day of my vacation to realize that I should have more conversations with my cousins on a regular basis. Who do you need to call? What family member do you need to meet up with? Why don't you take some time today to reach out to them, I promise it'll be worth it.

Reach out to that Family Member

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