It's so easy to think we have the answers when we are in our 20s. Everything looks so clear and we're ready to make sure everyone knows we have the answers. Of course I am not talking about me or anything...

Over the past three weeks I have noticed how I act with friends and colleagues. I started asking for feedback on anything they have noticed I could improve upon. Over several conversations, I have realized three things about myself socially at 21:

1. I am ambitious, but sometimes that ambition can come off as prideful because I think I have all the answers.

2. I am a Leader, but sometimes this leadership can come off as trying too hard, because I think I need to be everything to everyone.

3. I am Charismatic, but sometimes my charismatic self comes off as insecure because I think I need to control the room.

The honest reality, at least for me, is hard. I knew that I felt uneasy after a social gathering or an executive meeting but I didn't know why. Through asking for feedback, writing all of my thoughts, and confessing my faults; I feel like a much better human being. It's just the start, but it began with taking the risk and asking my friends and family the hard questions.

When was the last time you asked for honest feedback from those closest to you?

P.S. Don't ask until you are ready to hear it. 

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