Twisted Freedom Pt. 5

We've got freedom twisted. What if I told that there is a freedom that you haven't tapped into? In this blog series, we are diving into freedom and what it looks likes within your relationships. True freedom is giving up short term satisfaction for the long term gain. Cheap Freedom is giving into short term satisfaction in spite of the long term gain.

  1. The Problem with Freedom
  2. True Freedom doesn't make sense
  3. Boundaries bring freedom
  4. True Freedom for Yourself
  5. Freedom with God= Spiritual Habits

When I spent my 10 days in Maine and the first 7 I didn't read my bible or pray all that much. It wasn't a big deal until I got to day 5, 6, and then finally 7. I felt irritable and frustrated more often than not during those last three days. The bible and praying have a way of grounding me, these practices center, they bring me a sense of peace.

The bible is confusing, but it is our job to dissect it. Praying is hard, but it is our job to dive into it. Why? Peace is waiting on the other side! Don't give in to cheap freedom by forgoing these practices.

Are you doing the necessary habits to maintain your spiritual life?

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