Twisted Freedom Pt. 4

We've got freedom twisted. What if I told that there is a freedom that you haven't tapped into? In this blog series, we are diving into freedom and what it looks likes within your relationships. True freedom is giving up short term satisfaction for the long term gain. Cheap Freedom is giving into short term satisfaction in spite of the long term gain.

  1. The Problem with Freedom
  2. True Freedom doesn't make sense
  3. Boundaries bring freedom
  4. True Freedom for Yourself
  5. ?

We all go through desert moments, where we have no idea what's happening in our own heads. The frustration and confusion of our own desires and motives complicate every circumstance and we have no idea what to do about it.

It's easy, in these moments, to pick up the phone and watch a youtube video, to go hang out with a friend, or to resort to the TV show you love. This form of distraction is cheap freedom, giving into short term satisfaction. True freedom would like picking up that pen and that journal and sitting there until all of this 'stuff' comes flowing out of you like a river. True freedom is giving up that distraction and digging into the problem at hand.

Are you distracting yourself from your own issues?

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