Twisted Freedom Pt. 3

We've got freedom twisted. What if I told that there is a freedom that you haven't tapped into? In this blog series, we are diving into freedom and what it looks likes within your relationships. True freedom is giving up short term satisfaction for the long term gain. Cheap Freedom is giving into short term satisfaction in spite of the long term gain.

  1. The Problem with Freedom
  2. True Freedom doesn't make sense
  3. Boundaries bring freedom
  4. ?
  5. ?

As a kid, I always thought that boundaries were dumb in relationships.

You should be able to say whatever you want, whenever you want! Sadly, although that may be true, baggage can stop that from happening. 

  • Dependent relationship in the past? A boundary of time could be needed.
  • Get too angry when resolving conflict? A boundary on language could be needed.
  • Feeling the weight of someone else's pain too often? A boundary of emotions could be needed.

Boundaries are necessary in healthy relationships because they protect each party so that growth can occur. You can't have true freedom in all relationships because true freedom mean boundary setting and intense care and discernment.

Are you setting healthy boundaries with the person that is the most important to you?

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