Twisted Freedom Pt. 2

We've got freedom twisted. What if I told that there is a freedom that you haven't tapped into? In this blog series, we are diving into freedom and what it looks likes within your relationships.

  1. The Problem with Freedom
  2. True Freedom doesn't make sense
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John dedicated himself to learning piano form 10 AM to 12 PM EVERY Saturday. Three weeks in, his friends invited him to go out for coffee at 10 AM on Saturday; texting back, John said, "Sorry guys, I'm learning piano and this is the only time I can practice". One of his friends responded, "You have the freedom to come yet you decide to play piano?! Alright man". About eight weeks later John decided to take a week off and went to the coffee shop where his friends went to get coffee. As he arrived he noticed a piano! Immediately with his friends urging, he started playing his favorite song and everyone was amazed! Sadly, none of his other friends could play, in that moment they wished they learned but their incompetence withheld their ability. Who had the true freedom in this moment?

What the moral of the story?

  • John's friends believed in a cheap version of freedom: I should get what I want when I want it! 

  • John believed in true freedom: Giving up short term gratification for long term freedom

Are you more like John, or his friends? When we're unhealthy, we can twist freedom to mean short term gratification.

Are you settling for the cheap version of freedom or are you living into true freedom?

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