Top 5 most Impactful Discoveries Pt. 3

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Every quarter, I take a week to reflect. There are four quarters in a year made up of three months each. We are ending the second quarter and I thought I would share my top 5 most impactful discoveries over the months of April, May and July.

  3. Forget what's next
  4. Take the Risk
  5. Experiential Deja Vu Saves

I'm a dreamer. I'm always in the future. Thinking about what could be and creating the steps to get there is what I'm good at; however, over these past few months I've noticed that I've been focusing on the destination much more than the journey itself. Whether it be with my career or my relationships, I can slip into a bad habit of looking forward to what is next and look to the present as a stepping stone to get there.

It's so easy to look to the future as a brighter present than that before you. Instead of hoping, wishing, dreaming, let's make a conscious choice to stay in the present. It's where we need to be. After all, the only thing we've got is right now.

How would our lives change if we always rested in the present? For me, the enjoyment of life wouldn't pass me by. So, even if it is just for a couple minutes every week, let's try to forget what's next and reside in the now.

Forget What's Next

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