Top 5 most Impactful Discoveries Pt. 2

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Every quarter, I take a week to reflect. There are four quarters in a year made up of three months each. We are ending the second quarter and I thought I would share my top 5 most impactful discoveries over the months of April, May and July.

  4. Take the Risk
  5. Experiential Deja Vu Saves

I refuse to look back at my life and say, "I wish I...". I don't want to live everyday gathering regrets from opportunities I could have taken or words I should have said. I don't want to let fear control my actions.

  • Yes, there are cheaters, so will you never get into relationship?
  • Yes, you can get into a car crash, so will you never step into a car again?
  • Yes, there's a good chance you'll fail at some point, so will you never attempt anything?

Sometimes the fears holding us back are the same opportunities holding us back from growth. So go, be bold. 

  • Talk to that stranger, I promise you she won't kill you
  • Start that blog, I promise you the world won't hate you
  • Say that compliment, I promise you the person won't ignore you

Actually, I can't promise anything. But that's the beauty of life well lived, it's all a risk.


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