Top 5 most Impactful Discoveries Pt. 1

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Every quarter, I take a week to reflect. There are four quarters in a year made up of three months each. We are ending the second quarter and I thought I would share my top 5 most impactful discoveries over the months of April, May and July.

  5. Experiential Deja Vu saves

What is Experiential Deja Vu?

The wisdom to understand where a path will lead and the discernment to change actions if need be to match the desired outcome. 

The older I get, the better I know where a path will lead.

  • If I start comparing myself with someone else, I know I won't feel great about myself afterwards. 

  • If I begin my day with reading the bible instead of watching Youtube videos, I know my day will be much more healthy
  • If I say that complement to a friend instead of holding it back, I know I will feel much closer to the person.

Wisdom comes when you learn from your experiential deja vu. Wise people not only recognize where the path will lead but will actively change course if the destination is not beneficial in the long term. 

Everyone has experiential deja vu, but not everyone changes their course of action based on their experiential deja vu.  So, before we do anything, let's ask ourselves, "Where will this path lead"? Most of the time, I know the answer so I change my actions accordingly so I may live the life I want to live. If we can ask that question, I promise you that experiential deja vu will save your from a lot of heartache. 

Experiential Deja Vu saves

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