The Spring

During the summers of my childhood, my siblings, my cousins, and I would find our way down to the spring. The Maine sun would beat down on our young faces until water was our only want and desire as our mouths were too dry to even speak. This of course derived from running around outside for no reason but simply having a limitless amount of energy... which I'm sure our parents loved.

The journey to find the spring would always be hard as lush green grass and shrubbery would hide it from view. Finally, one of us would point it out and we would all rush over. Kneeling down, cupping our little hands, reaching them into the still cold water and bringing it to our mouths, we would always find goodness there.

Looking back, to this day it's the most beautiful, crystal-clear water I've ever seen or tasted. 

I hope my life resembles the spring...

To create a life so remarkable that serves all the creatures around it.

To provide something so restorative that everything surrounding thrives, even to the point of not recognizing the source.

To give rest so gratifying for the weary faces that need a little help getting back on their feet.

Let us be a Spring.

Are we creating a life so remarkable, providing something so restorative, or giving a rest so gratifying to those in our lives?


PurposeJake VaydaComment